How did you become a Daystar Singer?
My husband, Bobby, and I were hired together and had the privilege of being some of the first Daystar Singers. Leading up to that time, Bobby had been singing with Joni on TV and I would sometimes sing with them. One day, Joni asked me to be on the first Daystar Singers project and I’ve been a part of the group ever since!
What is your funniest moment as a Daystar Singer?
One time, we were on our way home from a ministry trip and it was really late at night. Suddenly, we heard a big thump and realized we had run over a huge deer! We all felt so sorry for the deer, but it was the start of a lot of great jokes all the way back to Daystar. Scary!

Michele Binion

Michele Binion’s roots in faith run deep. Raised as a preacher’s kid, her father served as an ordained Church of God minister for over 55 years, and she’s always been passionate about sharing the message of the Gospel with a world in desperate need.

Michele and her husband, Bobby, have been with Daystar for nearly 20 years! When she’s not singing with the Daystar Singers, Michele serves as the lead receptionist, greeting all those who come through the doors at Daystar each day. Michele and Bobby feel incredibly blessed to have raised their two sons, Kristian and Kamron, but are especially excited with their new role as grandparents to LilyRae Elizabeth and Dawson Edward!